Discover what is hidden from most of people.
Enjoy the beauty and feel alive.
Every step brings you closer to your goal.

So you are headed to vacation in Bled...

First day you will visit the island and the church. Then what?

What if we told you there is so much more to see and experience in our amazing town.

Visit us at the center of Bled and let Altitude activities guides show you how we have fun.

Don’t just watch the photos – be on the photos

CANYONING – experience a natural emerald green water park.

Canyoning stands for a sport's activity where a team must overcome a decent from the top of the water canyon to the end with adrenaline jumps, slides, zip line and rope access.

Slovenian mountain region is famous for natural emerald green river canyons that look like a fantasy movie scene. The canyons are only reachable to the people who are brave enough to climb down. Are you one of them?

Mountain guiding – Let us guide you to Slovenia’s best mountaineering sites

Imagine: The sounds form everyday rush slowly dissapear as you walk uphill towards your goal. Breath taking nature remindes you that you too are a part of it. You feel it in your lungs, and you feel it in your blood that pumps out everyday stress.

If you are not sure if you can do it, do it with Altitude activities.

Rock climbing

Become the person who dares. Say yes to rock climbing. There is general belief that climbing is not for everyone. We prove them wrong. We believe you can and should try it now that you have the unique chance to do it safely with Altitude activities guide that you can trust.

Guided tours to Triglav

There is a saying among Slovenian locals that one is not a true Slovenian until he or she visits Triglav. It is the most famous ascent jet not the easiest, therefore it is strongly recommended to hire a guide.